Building Bridges Between Our Sandboxes

In this space you will share your blog with the rest of the class. This provides us the opportunity to read your reflections, share in your celebrations of learning and share our thoughts by commenting on your blog.
1. Go to your blog. Make sure you are in the view mode rather than edit mode of your blog and highlight the URL (Internet address). Edit - Copy the address.
2. Sign in to the class wiki (top right corner) and then click on Edit This Page.
3. Provide your first name. Highlight your name and then click on the globe with the link in the Editor bar above. Click on External Link and Edit - Paste your blog address in the tab.
Click SAVE! Voila!

darcy's Old blog
Darcy's **new** blog
Walter Blog - LAMASTERS
Walter's other Blog - Churchill River Artists

Tim's Blog
Loretta's Blog


JIM'S Blog
Brent's Blog
Cheryl's Blog
Laurette's Blog
Cheryl M.'s Blog
JoAnne's Blog


Arlene's blog
Pam's Blog
Rosalena's Blog

Blogger Help Resource
Some of you may find answers to questions in the Help section of Blogger.
Useful Information:
How to embed a link in your blog
Posting video to your blog