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What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 Tools

- Instructions for teachers (these instructions explain how to embed the subscribe box in a school blog made in a Drupal site so the final step may be different if you are using other teacher blog software at your school.) How to check your Feedburner stats.
Some info from Feedburner

Media Awareness (Internet Safety) - Some resources from classroom presentations.
Several of these are YouTube clips. If you are in a school where you cannot access these videos, I find it very useful to download them before hand and have them on my hard drive rather than relying on an internet connection. Here are some sites that allow you to do this. (I had to try out a couple depending on the Browser I was using) Here is a site that gives you many different tools to download YouTube and other online videos.

Wordle ideas

VoiceThread - My handout for teachers.
Identifying Bias and Stereotyping in Literature - (will open in new Browser window) The ACT group at McLurg worked with the Teacher Librarian to learn about bias and stereotyping in literature.
Math Storytelling - (will open in new Browser window) Based on work students are doing in the Math Makes Sense program and the connections they are making to Aboriginal content and perspectives.
Frog Dissections
Readicide - this is a great examples of how Voicethread is useful as a collaborative discussion tool. Here is a professional example.

Digital storytelling promoting cultural perspectives:
Through Our Eyes - (YouTube) As a result of a McLean’s article in 2007 on how Regina’s North Central neighbourhood is the worst community in Canada, students in Grade 7/8 at Albert School in Regina, with teacher Ben Slowski, produced a digital story to showcase the other side of the story. This kind of experience provides students with a voice to speak up against further marginalization and misrepresentation. (Produced for the Kid Witness News competition)
Native Reserves: The Truth - Reda shared this with me
Don't Call Me Eskimo - from Arctic Bay, Nunavut

Embedding "Stuff" in a Blog
Each blog is different - these are from the Help section of Blogger:
Inserting images
Video from YouTube

Embedding Media in a Wiki
Wikispaces media help
More How to from wikispaces

For Those Teaching Digital Literacy Skills
Reading on the Web - this wiki is still in development but I hope it will provide you something to get started.
Information Literacy - or this link Information Literacy - both of these use the same resources I have created but lay them out differently
Media Awareness Resources