Block 7 Building Bridges Between Sandboxes

There is no limit to the number of people who explore any one form of PD.
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(Week 2)

1. Tapped In

JoAnne's Presentation
2. Classroom 2.0

Also in JoAnne's Presentation
3.) Second Life
Tim's Presentation
4.) K–12 Online Conference
Cheryl M. (willing to work with partner)
Duane H.
Cheryl M.'s Presentation

Duane' Presentation
5.) NECC Podcasts

6.) 2006 eTeaching Day Keynote Address

7.) iTunes University
8.) 23 Things
Jim, Cheryl H.,Rosalena S
Loretta, Pam
Rosalena's Presentation
Cheryl's Presentation (not yet published)
Loretta's Presentation:
Jim's Presentation
Pam's Presentation
Laurette's Presentation
9.) Edutopia
Darrell's Presentation
10.) Savvy Cyber Teacher
Arlene's Presentation
11.) Apple Learning Interchange

12.) Annenburg Video Library

13.) PD in a Podcast
Walter Presentation
Cultural Sensitivity Podcast

14.) Concept to classroom Collaborative & Cooperative Learning
darcy's presentation
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