Welcome to the EC&I 832 Wiki "In the Sandbox"
When you think of a sandbox what do you picture in your mind? What kind of environment is your sandbox in? What kind of tools are in or near your sandbox that allow you to build and create? Who is playing in the sandbox? Is the play individual, parallel or collaborative?

The idea of a “sandbox” provides a metaphor for our course. This space you are in now is a sandbox where we can meet, play, experiment, communicate, share and build with new tools. Take off your socks and shoes and wiggle your toes.

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This space will provide the weekly blocks as well as spaces for more discussion.
Then, check back for the beginning of Block 1 that will be posted at the beginning of the course.

EC&I 832 Course Outline

This outline provides an overview of where we are going in this course. This is a tentative plan, as we want to be able to respond to the needs of our learners as we go along. This may require ventures into other hills of sand.
Block 1: Familiarize yourself with the course; Participate in a synchronous experience; Who are you as a learner?
Block 2: Blogs, social networks and online productivity tools; Online chat (sign up for one of 4 chats)
Block 3: Learning in a Virtual World
Block 4: Learning Theory
Block 5: Tools on the Web – exploration and demonstration; Online chat
Block 6: Information Literacy and Copyright
Block 8: Online PD
Block 9: Project sharing and critical friend feedback