Brain Blurts

Brain Blurt of the Week

for March 1 - 14


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Blurt for February 22 - 27

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Blurt for February 1 - 21

In order for learning to take place, the brain seeks meaning, relevance, novelty and emotion. Learn more

Blurt for January 25 - 31

The brain grows in a social environment. Peer interaction and feedback provide opportunities for brain-compatible learning.

Blurt for January 18 - 24

Meaning and emotion influence our attention. with "velcro learning" and emotional hooks the information with be remembered.
If you are interested, check out The Nature of Things with David Suzuki: Passion & Fury - The Emotional Brain

Blurt for January 11 - 17

Retrieval from long term memory is not possible unless the information has been linked to prior knowledge. We call this "velcro" learning.
Learn more about velcro learning

Blurt for January 5 - 10:

Emotions are the gatekeeper to learning.
Too much emotion can block the learning. So let us know if you are having any challenges with the technology, navigation, or anything else.
Engage the emotions of learners through:
- a safe and caring environment
- movement
- high stakes - "doable" challenges
- novelty that is relevant (what are the many different ways we can hook the learner's attention?)
- peer interaction and collaboration
- relationship building (a goal of our online community)

Sources: The weekly "Brain Blurts" have been gleaned from an Eric Jensen Teaching With the Brain in Mind conference, and various resources on creating brain compatible learning environments including: