Sandbox Resources for Blogs

Let’s begin by taking a look at how blogs work. View this video clip from Common Craft "Blogs in Plain English" to gain a sense of these spaces and their potential.

Choose one of the free blogging tools available on the Internet. Two popular ones are listed below. As well some helpful instructional videos and “how to’s” are provided.

Blog Software

1. (Owned by Google)
a.) Screencast – How to create your own blog
b.) Screencast library - Scroll down the page to find “Starting with Blogger”, “Using Blogger Settings", “Using the Blogger Dashboard”, and “Using "Layout" in Blogger”. Remember in a blog the most recent postings are at the top and the earlier postings are found below. Therefore start lower on the page and work up as needed for your learning.
c,) For those that like to read - Printed directions

2. WordPress
a.) Screencast – How to get started
b.) How to Change the Appearance of your Blog
c.) Managing Existing, and Creating Your First Posts
d.) Adding Images in WordPress
e.) How to Quickly Insert Hyperlinks into your Blog Post

Tips for Creating and Writing on Your Blog

• What name do you want displayed on the blog that is viewable to all? Rather than use your name – think of a brief metaphor or phrase.
• When you name (title) your blog, use the metaphor or phrase that works for you other than your name. This provides you with some anonymity in the blogosphere if you wish to have that.
• When you sign up for your blog you will be asked to provide the desired Internet address for your blog – the URL. Just like in developing our class wiki, we chose “inthesandbox” as the prefix to the web server that hosts the wiki.
• Uploading a personal image of yourself and the detail of your profile in the “About” section of the blog is determined by you. You are writing on the Internet, and each of you will have different levels of comfort with this at first.
Once your blog is created, go to the student blogs page and share it on the class wiki.

And for Those Who Want to learn More About Blogs